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About us

Retrofitting of minibuses – modern view

Nowadays retrofitting of automobiles has become widespread not only in the western world but also in the countries of former USSR and developing countries. Consumers express specific requirements for the spaciousness and the level of convenience of the automobile, but at the same time they want to save money. It is known that factory fitted minibus or minivan is always more expensive than a retrofitted auto. This is the reason that customers usually purchase freight variation and order its retrofitting, as a result getting passenger or utility vehicles.

History and achievements

Our company, specializing in retrofitting of automobiles was established in 2002. Now the company is the leader in the field on the market. High proficiency and regular training of the staff, the use of the most recently developed technologies allow us to be considered one of the one of the best companies engaged in refitting of minibuses. The number of regular customers enjoying our services has reached five hundred to date. The quality of the TOV "Senatoravto" is evidenced by the fact that 60% of all retrofitted cars were processed by our company. Attention to each client is our trademark!


Our advantages

Why SenatorAuto?

Having decided to refit the car, every owner considers whom to entrust the job. In the matter of minibuses refitting Berdichev has a good variety of companies, but the top position in the quality is occupied by SenatorAuto. If you need a reliable, responsible contractor, please contact our organization. Performing minibuses refitting, unlike many competitors, we use certified materials for covering seats, steering wheels, instrument panels and other interior elements. Alongside with the high quality of work and strict compliance with deadlines we offer a reasonable cost of the services. Achievement of such success is guaranteed by a great organization of the production process, a large team of qualified professionals with sufficient amount of working areas. By contacting SenatorAuto you are guaranteed professional counseling, high quality of work, in time orders execution.

Our competitive advantages:

How does our company work?

For minibuses retrofitting we use high quality certified materials applied in the automobile industry. These materials are designed to work in harsh environments and have been tested for durability, resistance to dust, moisture, temperature extremes and other destructive factors that come into force when operating the car. The materials used in our work are certified and authorized by sanitary-epidemiological service as safe and corresponding present-day demands.