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Documents registration

Many car owners who want their car refitted worry about how of documents processing is carried out. They should not be worried because in reality everything is simple. It is important to follow the rules and order of retrofitting, comply with regulations governing the re-equipment of minibuses, and the process of document procession will go smoothly.

How is the registration executed?

Before starting work, you need to apply to the traffic police for car retrofitting permission, according to the department of your car registration. To learn about the costs of this service please contact traffic police inspector. Organization of re-registration is performed by our company. You only need to learn in the inspection which office you need to contact. You can choose Kiev or Zhitomir traffic police department.

Which documents are necessary for minibus retrofitting?

Kiev traffic police department:

Zhitomir traffic police department:

Once an order for minibus retrofitting is executed, documents gathered, you need to contact the traffic police. On the basis of the documents your vehicle registration certificate will be replaced by another, which records all the new information about the car. Renewal of the documents is over!

Legal requirements to automobiles retrofitting

It is important to know that all the changes of the vehicle construction are safety-related and therefore are regulated by the law. Compliance with standards ensures the safety of drivers, passengers and pedestrians. In Ukraine, the main document regulating the retrofitting of minibuses and other vehicles is Enactment of the Government № 607 from 21.07.2010 "About traffic movement."